True Life: I Worship the Kardashians

Happy Monday Everyone!

In leu of a new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians last night, I’m bringing to you today: “I’m obsessed with Kimmy K” realness.

So honestly I could talk about a few of my favorite Kardashian experiences starting with the Saint Pablo tour in Madison Square Garden, but I think I’m going to stick with the most recent–Kylie’s New York City Pop Up Shop (wow, that’s a mouthful).

Yes, I know this happened in like, February so is this story still relevant? I don’t know. But I’m going to tell it anyways because at the very least it involves a cute outfit.

Anyyyywayyys, let’s just get some frustrations out of the way first. I’m a diehard Kardashian fan and also a Biotechnology major. The two don’t like to mesh with one another, and naturally on the opening day of the store, there is nothing more I wanted to do than stand in line for hours just to maybe get a glimpse of the infamous Kylie Jenner; however, my school schedule had different plans. You just “can’t” miss a lab. Ugh, FEEL the eye roll.

So I texted my mom asap and demanded we make the trek to New York that weekend, and thank GOD we did. The store was only there for a week! Which okay, I know what you might be thinking: “Duh, Britani, that’s what a POP UP shop is”. And yes, I totally get it, but also that store was hopping from the time it opened to the time it closed every day, why not ham it up a little more?

Okay. Back on track. So in a week’s time, my mom and I made our way from PA to NYC and started the journey downtown. Of course I had to stop at Washington Square Park and watch all the dogs play, but anyways, that’s just a side note. As we got closer to the location we started to realize just what we got ourselves into, and we quickly slid into the back of the line that spilled all the way down the street to the store. Feeling grateful to even be at line at like 10am, a security worker swiftly reported it would be at least a 5 hour wait. I think I had to pick my jaw up off the ground because (rather naively) I figured by the end of the week, the hype would have died down. Boy, was I wrong. So of course I’m thinking “Good thing there wasn’t anything else on the agenda for the day because apparently this is what we’re dedicating all of our time to.. it better be worth it”.

But honestly, the line picked up pace and we only were waiting for about three hours to get in. It was even a nice day so it was really no biggie, I mean no one was forcing me to wait in a gigantic line for hours just to get into a store, I really can’t complain. Plus, a man behind us brought like three gigantic gluten free pizzas and was handing slices out which managed to put a huge smile on my face–if only I would have asked where he got it because really, it was revolutionary pizza.

Finally though, we got funneled from the main line into the next line waiting right outside the door and were given the total rundown:

  • If you brought any Kylie products, they needed to be shown at the door.
  • You were allowed approximately 20-30 minutes in the store total, and once you bought something, that was your queue to leave.
  • Clothing on the left. Makeup on the right. There will be staff there to help you with it all.

There was probably more, but those were the big ones (as well as the only ones I can remember)..

And then the gates to heaven were opened and we all flooded in. The music was pumping and it was everything a Kardashian fanatic could have dreamed of and more.

On my list? The lip kit wall, bed in the back, and (if I’m lucky) some Kylie Shop merch. **Spoiler: I totally got to the first two, but the last one was really hit or miss considering we got there when the store only had a few more days left. There wasn’t much left and if  there was, you better believe it definitely wasn’t in my size. You win some, you lose some (:

But total bonus jonas–they had literally everything from all of her exclusive collections there in stock. So I got to pick up the coveted Dancer metallic from the Holiday Collection (that would literally sell out in t-minus like 5 seconds every restock) at my leisure.

Also, the lip kit wall is truly every thing you might dream it to be and more, as well as the bed in the back (like omg, Kylie sat on that herself. That’s enough star status for me).

Everything is so aesthetically pleasing that honestly, you really can’t go wrong. The store was big enough to house everything and everyone pretty comfortably, and everyone there was more than considerate. Of course there’s still the small caveat that happened earlier when one of the women in line *literally* PAID the security guard some obscene amount of money to take her to the front, but like, it’s whatever. Good things come to those that wait, right? Right.

Otherwise, my mom and I emerged victorious with a pink and white Kylie bag and “hit the road” back up to Times Square where we would be taking the bus home. We tried to hit the new cookie dough place down by Washington Square Park but that was another 2 hour line, so we decided to take the L on that one and just head to the Shake Shack which was definitely not a bad choice, tbh. If they’re still there, I would highly recommend the mud pie milkshake.

But any who, that concludes the Kardashian Cronicles for today. Honestly? Would have been more exciting if any of the Kardashian clan were actually there, but also totally worth it anyways. It was a really cute store and I’m glad I can say that I was lucky enough to see it in person for a limited time only.

But until next time, I’ll leave you all with a few pictures. Enjoy!

xx.Britani Skye






ShoesJeans (similar)Sweater (similar)Lips


**Both the pants and sweater were originally from H&M (:

6 thoughts on “True Life: I Worship the Kardashians

  1. Wow! What an experience. That pop up shop looks amazing. I haven’t tried any Kylie products yet, i’ll get my hands on them soon. 😉

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