Rocks Rock

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This special edition of Manhattan Skye is brought to you all by ‘Britani got lazy and couldn’t keep up with her Monday/Weekly posting schedule.’ Sorry!

But alas, I return. And on a brighter note, let’s talk about Earth Day and best friends!

As many of you probably are aware, this past Saturday was Earth Day! Embrace your fellow tree-huggers and celebrate because Planet Earth is a beautiful place!

As many of you might NOT know, I am lucky enough to be able to say that I found my best friend in middle school. And the funny thing about that is, we were neighbors for years and totally thought each other were kind of snobs. But life works in interesting ways sometimes, I guess.

So anyways, now that both of us go to separate colleges, I value the time that we do get to spend together so much more, and over the holiday break of course we carved out some time to hang out and go for a walk around Hickory Run State Park.

To most people, you’re probably thinking, “Uhm, are you losing your mind? You’re really going to talk about a boring old State Park?” To which I might agree, BUT I’m here to change your mind. It’s not just some boring old State Park, it’s a “boring old” State Park with a Boulder Field, ohhhh yeahhhh.

So like we arrive at the state park and approximately 1.5 hours later (after taking a pit stop on the swings, finding one lightning struck tree, and driving the wrong way down a one-way dirt road), we finally came across the main attraction: The Boulder Field.


The field was “created” about 20,000 years ago during the most recent glacial period, and it’s definitely something to see in person. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun to jump from rock to rock (but also a lot of anxiety when you’re carrying your mom’s camera that you’re trying really hard not to break).

At any given point, there were definitely a fair amount of people visiting this field, and it seems to me to be the main attraction at this park; however, lots of other activities are offered as well such as hiking, fishing, and swimming depending on the season. Honestly? To me it comes off as a nature-lovers personal haven, and I totally love it. There’s lots of space and lots of exploring to do, and despite it being mildly confusing to navigate if you’ve never been before, I personally loved it there and am looking forward to going back again over the summer.

But anyways, I’m going to leave you all with a few pictures that I had fun taking throughout the day (most of which feature my very best friend, Chris, so enjoy)

Appreciate nature and go hug a tree

Lots of love

xx.Britani Skye





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