April in New York

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m very happy to be bringing you this blog post as a welcome distraction from what I should really be doing right now.. Cell Bio. Ugh.

But the show goes on!

So for most of you that do not know, I work as an event coordinator at my college and this past weekend I organized a trip to the city. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to spend my day in New York and I would definitely say it was a success. So anyways, (very early on a Sunday morning) me, my boyfriend, and approximately 40 other students made the journey to the city and spent the day however we pleased.

Okay so like let’s get the negative out of the way first. I LOVE Dean and Deluca iced mochas (specifically from Soho). I do NOT love Dean and Deluca in Times Square. The service is awful and I NEVER say that. I literally waited in a line of like 3 people for 20 minutes just to be told that I was “cutting” and that we would have to go to the back of another line of about 20 people (who by the way all started their own line and were the ones cutting). No way. So I high tailed it out of there because no iced mocha is worth being told off by rude workers.

But you’ll be happy to know that the rest of the day was a wonderful experience. So que those stories now (:

My boyfriend and I (his name is Seth, what a cutie) began our walk to the Midtown location of Black Tap. I’ve been dying to have one of their crazy shakes for what has felt like years now, and the moment was finally upon us. We got there pretty much as the place opened so lucky for us, there was virtually no wait. Instead of starting with a milkshake, we saved it for dessert and ordered our burgers, fries, guacamole, and chips (ugh, just to DIE for).

I was a little nervous because I’ve heard that the actual food is just mediocre, but as a person who doesn’t really adore burgers, I thought it was amazing. Of course, I kept it simple with an American burger and Seth went for the Californian, but they were both really delicious and the two of us practically licked our plates completely clean.

Then, we debated for probably another 15 minutes what kind of shake we wanted. We were sat at the perfect spot in the restaurant to watch all the shakes being made, which was amazing, but only made the decision that much harder because like, every time a new shake walked past I would change my mind.

But eventually we committed to the Brooklyn Blackout and ugh, its a chocolate lovers dream come true.


The shake itself is actually not that thick (or chocolatey) but that’s a really good thing if you’ve just scarfed down a ginorm lunch. And the brownies stuck to the rim were so yummy combined with the whipped cream and shake, I STILL can’t get over it.

I look forward to returning another time and trying the other shakes that we were tossed between.

We then started our trek to the MoMA. After weaving through various galleries, giggling at my boyfriend’s confused comments, and being told we were standing a LITTLE too close to the artwork, I feasted my eyes on my favorite piece of all time: Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Ugh, okay, I know it’s probably so cliche that I love that piece so much but when I was in like 1st grade I totally had an art assignment where we tried to mimic the brush strokes of Starry Night and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’m talking like 10 of the same iPhone cases, 5 framed posters, and 30 changed backgrounds obsessed.

It was just really awesome to get to finally go to the museum. I have wanted to go for years and I’m happy that for once I got to experience something I hadn’t ever done in New York with Seth (he’s only ever been to the city twice, crazy, right?).

We then grabbed some coffee from Gregory’s and made our way to the next stop: Central Park.

I’ve been dying to rent and ride bikes in the park and we got to fulfill that dream as well, but let me tell you, it really reminded me how out of shape I am.


We only got to rent the bikes for an hour because we were getting to be on a time crunch but I would still totally recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. I honestly didn’t even think it was that expensive for New York either. It was only $15 per bike and when I went to return them, they offer 50% off the next time I would rent again. IDK, maybe I’m just young and naive (definitely true), but I thought that seemed reasonable and made me a very happy camper (:

After we returned the bikes, we quick made our way uptown to an event where Pickle Me Pete fried pickles would be sold.

Now, if you don’t know me, you might not know how obsessed with these fried pickles I am. They had them at Bryant Park all winter and I’ve been having serious withdrawals since like January because I haven’t been able to get my hands on them. All I can say is that if you haven’t had a chance to try them, you must. I found out if you check their Facebook page, you can keep up with what events they’ll be attending and that they’re actually a lot easier to find than I thought. Such good news, right??! Yes. Definitely yes.


Well anyways, by the time we had gotten our pickles we had to make our way back to midtown and find our bus. I checked everyone back in and we were able to leave as scheduled, who could ask for anything more? It was a great day (:

I hope you enjoyed another saga in a day in the life of Britani in New York and that you are all having a wonderful day.

I’m excited to see what May in the city will bring!

Until next week..

xx.Britani Skye



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