July ’17 Monthly Favorites

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

And we’re back with yet another monthly favorites! I’m 100% sure I say this every month, but I truly just canNOT believe how quickly this summer is flying on by. And for college girls like me, that is definitely NOT a good thing! Before I know it, my first exam of the semester will be rolling around the corner.. but I’m putting the cabosh on these thoughts for today.. only happy thoughts.. and more importantly FAVORITES!


Alright so first up on the list is something I have already breifly talked about on the blog and that is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub in Watermelon Gum.

Now I know that I compulsively ordered all three flavors of this but let me just tell y’all. There is NOTHING better than the watermelon flavor. Probably TMI, but I totally just take fingers full of this stuff and lick it just because I can. And I looooove it!

Aside from the smell and taste being the epitome of my childhood, it is also a genuinely wonderful product. If you haven’t read my initial thoughts on lip scrubs, I’ll give you a brief story time. The first lip scrub I ever used blew my lips up. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. And so I basically swore off them up until this very summer. But, this product really exfoliates the lips (just like a lip scrub is supposed to do) and leaves them soft and ready for a fresh coat of liquid lip stick 😉


Velour Lip Scrub

Now, usually nail polish probably wouldn’t make it into my favorites because I do my nails myself and normally don’t buy any new colors BUT my mom ordered some new shades and these two stole my heart, so here they are!

The first is a peachy, pink from OPI and it’s a new staple. I know you all are aware I’m so into pale pinks right now and this is adorable. It’s a little more muted and also can transition well right into fall so I’m super pleased with this one! I’ve had it on for a little over a week now and it’s still holding up pretty well, so I would definitely recommend checking this one out, it’s called ‘I’ll Have a Gin and Tectonic’!

The next is this really pretty navy blue that also has a more dusty twist. I love dark polishes so this is a no brainer for me! It’s also unlike anything I have in my collection, which is awesome considering I truly do own a LOT of nail polish. AAAANDDD, it holds up just like the previous one and is called ‘Less is Norse’!

Together, they make a great pair! See for yourself! (:



Peach | Navy


Staying true to the last two monthly favorites I’ve done are a pair of shoes.. the Marc Fisher LTD – Marcia Espadrille Platform Sneakers.

First off, if you like these? Jump on them now. They are on super sale at Lord and Taylor and linked below!

Personally, I was drawn to these immediately because I do not own a pair of nude shoes AND I’ve been dying for a pair of platform like sneakers for months. The problem was I couldn’t commit to any plus the price tag is sometimes a little much, and girl, I don’t need another pair of shoes THAT bad (:

But theseeee are a totally different story! They look literally the cutest with a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. The simplest outfit ever, but also one that is super chic depending on the styling and totally timeless!

The material that they are made of is a super soft suede and the metallic stars add a whole other level to the shoes. They’re literally perfect. And I love them. Not to mention actually comfortable. I wore them all day trucking around NYC a couple weeks ago and I had not one complaint at the end of the day about my feet hurting. I mean, if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!




Is anyone even surprised? Of course Lana Del Rey’s new album, ‘Lust for Life’, makes the list!

I love the relaxed vibe I get from all of Lana’s music. It’s the kind of thing that I can actually listen to in the car and NOT keep changing the song through because they’re ALL good!

Some of my favorites from the album include Love (like I die whenever I start to hear the ‘uh-uh, don’t call me baaaaabyyyyy’ any one else? No?), 13 Beaches, and Beautiful People Beautiful Problems.

I don’t have too much to say, because I think y’all should just listen for yourselves, but I promise it is a refreshing album to those that are unfamiliar with Lana’s music, but also a satisfying one for those that are. It’s a win-win, duh!

So basically, Lana, I’m ready for a New York show whenever you are! (:


Stream dat Lana


And yet another one that y’all really shouldn’t be surprised about.. Dunkirk! And do we know whyyyyy we all shouldn’t be surprised?? Because if you guessed ‘Harry Styles’, *ding,ding ding* you are RIGHT!

So, I’m going to be totally honest and say that I haven’t seen the movie yet.. BUT I SWEAR I’M GOING TO! And it’s also already on my list of DVD’s to pre-order (Also, does anyone still order DVD’s, because if not, man do I feel lame).

I just know that I watched quite a few promotional videos for this movie as well as lots of interviews and trailers, and I can confidently say that I actually think this movie is a hit.

I know now that it is not just another war movie, but actually a movie that focuses on the ‘normal’ people of society as well, and how if we could all just forget about our differences, we could really band together and do something incredible. I’m also inspired by the fact that this is obviously not fiction and I think that it is amazing that this story is getting the opportunity it deserves to be told. It’s great!

Aside from all of that, I’m drooling at the thought of actually seeing Harry act. Obviously those few skits he did for SNL were just not enough to satiate this girl. But honestly? Is there ever enough Harry in the world for me? Probably not. (:



Next up on the list of faves, is a new one. DUCK DONUTS! And yes, that had to be shouty capitals because it’s just. that. good.

Okay so if you are unfamiliar with Duck Donuts (like I was) it’s basically a made to order donut shop and it’s amaaaaazing!

You start out with just a fresh made vanilla donut and you are at liberty to pick the icing, drizzle, and/or topping you want. Now this includes a wide variety ranging from ‘normal’ to ‘weird’. For example, you might want to go classic with a chocolate iced donut and some sprinkles or you might want to go for my personal favorite, maple icing and bacon topping.

Okay, probably sounds totally gross, but here’s another brief story time. My boyfriend curled his cute little nose up when I ordered it and then it turns out to be one of his all time faves after the first bite. Yeah, like I said, they’re just. that. good.

Now aside from the choices basically being unlimited, the donut itself is perfection as well. Like I said the whole kit and caboodle is MADE TO ORDER, including the donuts! So they come out warm, moist, and borderline gooey! If you have one nearby, I would 10/10 recommend!



I’m not really sure what to categorize this as but a HUGE favorite of mine right now is that I finished the summer physics course I was taking!

Not only did I finish it, but I got an A, and trust me, your girl’s GPA really needs that A!

If ever you are questioning taking a summer course, I would really recommend it. It isn’t always fun because obviously you have due dates and uhm, did no one get the memo? It’s SUMMER! But, it put me just a little bit more ahead in my major AND I got a way better grade than I would have if I were taking it with all my other science courses.

It’s way easier to focus on one class than like 5, and although sometimes it’s very difficult to teach yourself, it’s really worth it in the long run. Plus, the professor is always just an email away, and hopefully, you all get lucky and get a professor that is as willing to work and help as mine was, it truly makes all the difference!

So yay for the rest of a homework and test free summer!


And that’s it for my monthly favorites! I hope you enjoyed and got to see a little more into what I’m loving for the third month in a row!

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

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