Broadway Babies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

On this week’s edition of Manhattan Skye we are launching a new series (as if we don’t already have enough going on) with some Broadway!

I am fortunate enough to be able to see at least one show a year and, as a Broadway enthusiast, I always want to gush about it to someone that isn’t my mom.

That being said, I would LOVE to share my most recent experience with y’all: [Enter] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Okay so, ever since sometime last year I’ve been dying to see this show. If you don’t know, I have a habit of stalking the Hamilton theatre. So if something is different on that street, you better believe I’m going to notice. And one day, as I walked along, I noticed that the theatre across the street looked a little different. And oh boy was it my lucky day because the theatre was advertising that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would be live and in action as of March 2017.

So of course I gushed about it to my mom and she agreed that this could be the show we got to see, and then we just made it happen.

Now, I work for a man in the city and on days that I go into the office, I would pass by the theatre and the first time I noticed the outside, I about DIED. They transformed the entire outside to resemble iconic moments of the story. The walls were painted purple and signs littered the outside saying things like ‘Bad Nuts Refuse Chute’ and references to the Oompa Loompa employees.

Why mention this? Because I just love that the entire theatre seemed to get a makeover. I thought the decoration was really original and made the show seem even MORE fun than I already knew it would be. And of course since the Hamilton theatre is across the street, I think that it was really smart to make this show stand out against the ‘norm’ that was already there.

But anyyyywayyyys, many months after receiving the tickets as a Christmas present, was finally the day that I got to experience it all, and ugh, it was so worth it.

I will admit that I had some worries. Maybe it won’t be good, maybe it will be too geared towards a younger audience, etc.. etc.. But lucky for me, all of these worries turned out to be irrelevant within the first like five minutes, so as they say.. ‘On with the show!’

I don’t want to give too much away but I will say that Christian Borle as Willy Wonka was such a smart move. He is excellent. He captures Wonka practically perfect and that’s a lot to do considering those are some big shoes to fill.

Not only does he play the part very well, but I could listen to him sing for ages. It’s classic broadway if you know what I mean. Clean, crisp, and unmatched by anyone unless they’re in the industry as well.

The musical stayed very true to the original Willy Wonka as well as throwing in some of its own flare as well. They managed to make a classic very modern with some of the songs and dances, but still respected the storyline at hand.

It was a lot of fun to see how they would pull some of the fantasy elements off as well. Things like Violet blowing up into a blueberry and the infamous Oompa Loompas. It really made the show so fun and kept me wanting more.

As for the targeted audience. Yes. It is very geared towards children. The theatre was practically full of them. BUT they also catered a lot of the humor towards adults, so there was something there for everyone!

All in all, the show was one I was very glad to have seen. It truly made me smile the entire time and for 2 hours, I got to relive a very fond childhood story. AND if you’re looking to check more out about this musical, I would 100% recommend ‘It Must Be Believed to Be Seen’ and ‘Vidiots’. Ugh. SOOOOO good (:

But the real question is: Would I recommend? Answer: Definitely.

Check out some of the pictures I took that day of the theatre as well as a super quick OOTD below!

Stream the Soundtrack


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Hope you enjoyed and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

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