Off to the Races: OOTD

Happy Friday Everyone!

Aaaaannnndd we’re back with a good ol’ outfit of the day! This one is inspired by a navy printed dress that I snagged from an ASOS sale. All together, it gives me ‘British Teaparty meets An Afternoon at the Derby’ vibes. I know you’re probably all thinking, ‘Is that even a thing?’, well if not, then it is now!

As we start thinking about the fall, I think this is the perfect dress/outfit for cooler days. And I think it could even easily transition into winter with some tights underneath! Now THAT’S the kind of versatility I’m talking about (:

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this OOTD and get some fall inspiration for your wardrobe as well!


It was so sunny the day I had my mom take these pictures (definitely not a bad thing)! I feel like this last picture though represents how I felt.. very ‘Walking on Sunshine-esque’ (:


Couldn’t resist the twirl. This dress is tiered and adds something totally unique to my wardrobe. Plus it’s the most fun thing in the world to spin around in. There is an ease to the fabric and shape of the dress that is so flattering and I couldn’t ask for more!


Although this definitely can be classified as ‘Just Another Fall Dress,’ I think that when you look at it up close it has a lot to offer. The pattern is beautiful and the color scheme chosen makes me so so happy as it’s still something I’m comfortable in but NOT my usual black!


Okay, I snagged these shoes at Primark for $11. Let me repeat.. ELEVEN. DOLLARS. Obviously, I can’t give them a full on 5 star review just yet, but so far, they’ve proven to be cushioned and pretty comfortable on the feet. They are a super cute faux suede material and I LOVE that they are in the color navy! The only down side so far is that there is really no tread on the bottoms so when it comes to the winter months, I’ll have to be careful around ice. But I mean, for $11? How could I even be mad!



So all-in-all, I hope you guys enjoyed yet another OOTD! I’m super sorry I couldn’t link anything but unfortunately this dress is sold out and the any dupe shoe is just way too much since these were so cheap!

If you’re on your way back to school, I wish you all the best and a great start to the year, but..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

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