OOTD: Stripes and Sweater Dresses

Happy Friday Everyone!

I know I haven’t come at y’all with an OOTD recently, so I thought it would be fun to do a simple sweater dress that you can wear in the coming months transitioning from summer to fall weather!

Let me just start out by saying.. I. Love. This. Dress.

It’s from ASOS and it’s in a size petite (they also sell it in regular sizes too!), which is a super bonus because there is nothing I hate more than falling in love with a dress and then looking like a potato in it because it’s just too long or the fit is just a little off.

It’s also mostly black with little pops of color. I think the pink and grey keep it trendy but throwing in the neon yellow/green stripe gives it a little something extra and makes it 10x cuter (how could that be possible, right?!)!

It’s also a knit material! So it’s light enough that you can start to wear it now, but also heavy enough to keep you warm when the cooler weather starts to kick in. Plus, it’d be super cute layered with a jacket as well, and can even transition into winter as well! For me, that’s really important. I love being able to wear pieces that I love year-round, and I think this dress could easily do that for me.

Not only is it simple and cute, it’s so easy to dress down as well. I paired it with some Adidas in these pictures, but the possibilities are endless! I love that sneakers really can vibe with it, because when I’m rushing to class, I know I want to be comfortable and not slowed down by my footwear.

I also love that the fit isn’t a bodycon. I know some people love that, but I like to be able to breath (and eat an entire Chipotle burrito without my food baby showing), and the looseness around the waste is perfect while still being totally flattering!



So do you all understand how much I love this dress yet? To sum it all up, it’s simple, but cute, and really wearable! And really, what more could you ask for now a-days??

I hope you enjoyed this super quick OOTD, but..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

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