October ’17 Lush Haul

Happy Monday Everyone!

I just wanted to pop in today and do a (hopefully) quick haul of some of things that I’ve bought at Lush recently!

If you are unfamiliar with what Lush is, it’s basically a Bath and Body Works for people of the au’natural kind. They make all of their products with fresh ingredients and everything that they create is so unique, that it draws a lot of people to it (especially me) (:

If you’ve never been to a Lush before or feel kind of intimidated by everything they have to offer, I would encourage you just go in and talk to the people working. They are ALWAYS so kind and very informative about all of the products there. They normally will do demos in the store and even give out free samples to basically anything you want, so you really can’t lose when it comes to this store!

But anyways, enough about my love for Lush, let’s just jump right on into the haul! (:


1. Daddy-O

This is a purple shampoo with a backstory. I was originally intending to dye my hair grey and so I went to Lush in search of a more natural product that would both keep the color looking fresh while using the minimal amount of harsh ingredients. Needless to say, my hair is NOT grey, but I’m still using this shampoo because, why not?

It has a floral and slightly citrus-y scent and is literally the most wonderful purple color I’ve ever seen. I might also be biased because purple IS my favorite color, but anyways.

I would say that the shampoo does its job well. You can use it daily and it definitely does make your hair and scalp feel clean. I would say though that it isn’t as sudsy as ‘normal’ shampoos and it does make my hair feel a little weighed down at the roots but otherwise, I have no complaints.



2. Metamorphosis

Alright, now these are always my weakness when I go into a Lush.. the bath bombs. This one in particular is one that I have never tried and is relatively new so I guess in my mind I just had to pick it up.

It is a grey indented ball that basically looks like nothing special but once dropped into the bath begins its fizzy demise into colorful warm colors of orange, yellows, and pinks.

The scent is a sultry/musky one and these are always my favorite. Online it says that some of its main ingredients are black pepper and myrrh, and the combination of the scent with the colors really mingle well together and come together to make up a wonderful bath time experience (:



3. Scrubee

I didn’t know much about this product when I picked it up other than that it had to of been good if it was once a limited edition release, and now brought back as a full-time product.

It’s the cutest little body butter in the shape and colors of an actual bumble bee!

It is made with things like ground almonds, shea butter, and honey which all together exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Not to mention it’s a delicious smell as well!



4. Tooth Fairy

I was intrigued by this one. Years ago even, Lush released ‘toothy tabs’ and I had bought a pack to see the difference between drug store toothpaste versus the more ‘natural’ alternative. They were chewable toothpaste and interesting in comparison to say the least, but I honestly enjoyed them and wanted to see if I would like Lush’s newer take on toothpaste.. the ‘tooth powders’.

So of course when I saw the pink lid and the name of this one, it was a total impulse buy up at the register. But definitely not one I regret!

I will say that dipping your toothbrush into a powder takes some getting used to, and so does the initial taste; however, when you’re done, you’re left with fresh strawberry breath and a little extra fun added to your monotonous routine!

The only downside that I am finding with this is that now that I have gone through most of the powder (it doesn’t last as long as normal toothpaste), it is getting clumpy and NOT in a good way. But none-the-less, I would buy this again or even try a different flavor (:


Tooth Fairy

5. R&B

This is part two to the first product on this list. I also bought this with the intentions of having grey hair in mind. I thought it would be great as a leave-in conditioner and would provide the ends of my hair a lot of extra moisture when needed.

As mentioned before, although my hair isn’t grey, it is bleached at the ends and this does do a good job with added a little extra something. It’s made with avocado butter, and a whole bunch of different oils so it’s great for those that are looking for a treatment for dry locks. AND, the smell is honestly amazing. It lasts a LONG time in the hair and has a spice-y/musky scent (in my opinion), and is made with jasmine an orange fragrances.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone and it might even have made its way into my ‘Lush Holy Grails’!



6. Monsters’ Ball

Now you can’t even tell me this isn’t (again) one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen.. like, seriously.

It’s another bath bomb, and one of their Halloween exclusives (so you better order quick if you want this guy!).

Once dropped in the bath, it creates purple and pink swirls and smells of lime/citrus. It’s so fun and can get basically anyone in the mood for Halloween (or a Monster’s Inc. movie night)!


Monsters’ Ball

7. Rocket Science

When I saw this in the store, I about fell over. Yes, ANOTHER bath bomb, but I’m an addict, what else can I say?

Once upon a time, they had a planet bath bomb (I think called Space Girl) and it was my most favorite bath bomb of all time. It smelled delicious, made your water a murky, but beautiful, violet, and contained glitter. It’s literally my dream come true. But Lush discontinued it at least a year ago, so whenever they release something that is space-themed, I just have to try it.. I mean, I like to think I’m the Space Queen after all.

But what is so fun about this one is that the flames in the back of the rocket ship are actually pressed differently than the rest of the bath bomb so when you place it into the water, it gets propelled forward like it is flying around! I mean, how cool and adorable is that?!

This one also has a citrus-y but musky scent and leaves your water nice and blue with a hint of glitter as well. In my book, it’s a redemption from the Great Space Girl Depression (:


Rocket Science

If you liked this, I’m sure there will be another one in the near future because when they bring out all of the holiday goodies.. I just can’t help myself.

What are your favorite Lush products? Are you all excited to have Lord of Misrule back? Because I am! And if you’ve never been to a Lush before, would you want to check it out? (:

I hope you enjoyed, but..

Until next time..

xx.Britani Skye


11 thoughts on “October ’17 Lush Haul

  1. Reading this post makes me realize how much I miss Lush… They don’t have stores where I live and their “no package” policy is not so travel-friendly. Looks like you got a very nice selection of products! Hope you enjoy them!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ioanna | A Beauty Lover’s Stories

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  2. I like the bumblebee butter the most. They say that shea butter is really good in the skin. I might try one for myself as well. It’s just, I do not know yet where to find one in my country. I am not that into mall hunting and so. But maybe there are online, I just need to look. 🙂 And oh, the bath bomb is another one to love too! 😀

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