Sephora Play Unboxing and Review: November ’17

Happy Monday Everyone!

This week on Manhattan Skye I wanted to return to one of my monthly rituals, a good ole Sephora Play Unboxing!

This month’s theme was ‘Survival of the Chillest’ and man was I in need of that title considering the month’s workload, phew.


I really liked this month’s bag and the little insert that they include with all of the products’ info. I thought the bag’s quote (‘It’s Me O’Clock’) was super cute for the theme and I really liked that the insert was made to be colored. Especially since that is mega trendy when you think about ways for adults to destress anymore! Both were super clever and super cute. So that was an A+ from me (:

Inside the box included deluxe samples all focused on the ‘treat yo’ self’ mantra, just in time for the holidays. Plus, self care is important. And I definitely have to remind myself of that daily.

But I digress, so let’s just jump right on into this month’s goodies!

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

This is a pretty standard black mascara. It claims to create long, beautiful lashes with it’s unique curvy brush while also building volume.

I loved that I received this because of the brand, I mean, Marc Jacobs anything is a yes from me; however, a new mascara is becoming pretty common in these months and I’m low-key bored.

This does what it claims but is by no means a wow-factor, just a nice addition.


Marc Jacobs Beauty

2. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

Yes. That’s apparently the product’s official name. In my opinion? It’s very long.

Either way, I was happy to see this in the box. I literally say this every month but I am a total skincare freak so new masks are a delight in my daily routine.

The charcoal in this one is meant to be gentle, but still show mega results by drawing out the impurities from your pores. They also claim this will make your skin brighter and more smooth feeling, all things that I’m totally into.

It’s made with white China clay and (obviously, it’s in the title) activated charcoal. These together are the magnets that get out all the gunk, yuck, but also satisfying. I like knowing some of the ingredients in my skincare, it makes me feel better knowing that each thing has a purpose. Maybe that’s weird..

This scores a 10/10 for me (:



3. IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm

I was super happy to see this as well. I have damaged hair from an incident this summer so I am also beyond thrilled to try hair products that should help out my very dehydrated locks.

This is a nourishing leave-in conditioner that is said to boost the hair’s hydration and leave it shiny AND frizz-free. Uhm, yes please!

It’s made with coconut oil and is also great for detangling hair as well (another thing I am in desperate need of straight out of the shower), which means it also smells totally delicious. It’s also a very lightweight formula so it doesn’t make your hair feel greasy or weighed down. All of which are good things, so this is another 10/10!



4. Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in The Red

This is another mascara moment for me.. We’ve totally received multiple red lipsticks over the past year and I’m just kind of over it.

That aside, it is super creamy and definitely very pigmented. If you don’t already have a red lipstick in your collection, this would be wonderful. But also, the real question is: Who doesn’t already have a red lipstick??

It isn’t a true blue-based red color, so at least it has that going for it; however, orange-reds don’t tend to look the best on me and so this will definitely be going to either my mom or a friend!

For those of you that might be curious, it is a satin finish so it is super comfortable on the lips and despite the color, would probably be a great Christmas gift idea for the upcoming month!


Sephora Collection

5. Caudalie Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence

Okay so go back a few products ago and reread ‘I am a total skincare freak’. That’s about all the information you need to know to predict that I was pretty pumped about finding this in my box.

This is a toner (love, love, love already) and it helps to take away impurities while smoothing and brightening the skin.

It is made with grape water and glycolic acid which are responsible for gently evening your skin tone and revealing a brighter complexion. Can I repeat, yes please!

10/10 WOULD recommend (:



6. Burberry My Burberry Blush

This month’s freebie perfume was another miss for me. I personally am not the biggest fan of floral smells. I find them overwhelming and honestly just not that pleasant.

Hence, if you’re a floral lover, this is probably up your alley. It’s a combination of fruity and floral to be more exact and have notes of pomegranate, geranium, rose petal, and jasmine.

So if those sound good, it would probably suit you very well (:



This month’s box from me gets about a 6/10. There were some pretty great products but also some misses for me. Plus, this box really had a tough time following up October’s box (A.K.A. the best box, EVER), so it was difficult not to draw comparisons and be a little disappointed.

I would still say though that this is 100% the best subscription box. I love receiving it every single month and the surprise of it all is so worth it for just $10.

Do you guys think other subscriptions are better? Or are you all loyal Sephora lovers like myself?

I hope you are all having a fabulous week and..

Until next time..

xx.Britani Skye

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