Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Holiday Glitter Collection

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Yes, it has been way to long since I last typed that to y’all, but I’m super excited to have been able to finish my 5th semester of college and be back planning and creating content for my blog again!

I’m not super proud that I needed to take some time off, but at the end of the day it was necessary and if I was worried about this, there is no way I could have survived in terms of all of the stuff that was going on at school.

Brief summary? It all started when my laptop broke in November (it was down and out for literally an entire week.. and in college terms? That’s a lifetime) and put me majorly behind on assignments. And because I really don’t think getting into the rest of the tragedy that was the month of November is relevant, that’s pretty much all you need to know! So on with the show, am I right? (:

And let’s get down to the REAL business.. Jeffree’s Holiday Collection!


I seriously have SO many thoughts. So let’s start with the packaging! It was absolutely flawless from the holo cartons that the products are kept in down to the glitter containers that contain the actual product itself. I die.

So, the first thing you might notice (or at least you will if you’re like me) is the holographic boxes. Holographic is seriously my favorite color. This is going to sound absolutely crazy but I’m convinced that I’m part alien and so naturally I’m drawn to literally ANYTHING holo. Even more, this is classic, silver/rainbow holo. Or in other words, the color of the inside of my beating heart. I’m not even ashamed to say that I’ve saved the boxes to everything I ordered.. it’s all just SO freaking beautiful (:


The next thing you might notice is that every container is made with pink glitter. Ugh, how does it get any better? The glitter is so beautiful and is so smooth (seriously, not gritty at ALL) and really just adds a whole other dimension to this collection.


I think you can really tell how much thought was put into the collection just based on the packaging alone. It was such a step up from anything that I had seen before from Jeffree and had me hooked immediately.

So let’s get into the actual products themselves. Although I’m only going to swatch and review what I bought myself, he did release 2 highlighting pro palettes, 3 lip scrubs, 4 lip ammos, and 8 liquid lipsticks. All of which are unique and wonderful in their own way! But let’s break this section up into parts so it can be a little more focused (because honestly right now I just want to gush about how much I’m in love with every. thing.)

Velour Lip Scrubs

He brought out 3 new lip scrubs for the holidays: Marshmallow, Lemon Icebox Cookies, and Candy Cane.

Originally, I wasn’t able to get my hands on the scrub that I wanted.. Marshmallow (insert heart eyes here, marshmallow is my favorite), but my ever so wonderful boyfriend was able to find it from a second party seller and I’m seriously SO. HAPPY.

For those of you that might not know, I never really used lip scrubs until this summer when I bought all three of the lip scrubs Jeffree released for the Chrome Collection. Ever since, my life has been changed.

The scrubs are super gentle, moisturizing, and taste DELICIOUS. So when I saw he was releasing more, I knew I had to try to snag one.

At first, I was unsure of the marshmallow when I first tried it because it seemed perfume-y (probably because I didn’t use it as a lip scrub.. I just took a finger full and ate it..), but it has quickly become my favorite. When used for its actual purpose, it is super yummy and is consistent with all of the other lip scrubs I’ve tried before. It honestly also has saved my chapped lips and thank the good Lord because I had been STRUGGLIN’ for like two weeks straight, ugh.

So moral of the story? WOULD recommend the lip scrubs and especially the marshmallow one!

Also, P.S. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of this but like I said, my boyfriend got it for me after I had already taken pictures for this post!

Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Jeffree released another 8 gorgeous shades in this collection. I wasn’t sure which ones I really wanted or would find practical but I KNEW I needed Santa Baby as soon as I saw it.


Dark, red, matte shades are my absolute favorites to wear and this does not disappoint! It’s honestly even a little magenta/pink-y, which I find makes it very unique. Really, it’s just so beautiful. And I wore it during my end of the semester dance showcase and got loads of compliments on it, so there’s that as well!

Seriously, nothing makes a girl feel better than when people notice the little things like her lipstick shade.. it’s the best (:

Yes, this shade is a little more difficult to work with in comparison to other shades Jeffree has released in the past; however, with careful application and MAYBE a second coat, this shade is 100% worth it!

There really isn’t a bad shade in the collection. I would say that of all of the shades released, First Class seems the most difficult to wear in daily life but, after watching 20 videos of different YouTubers swatching the rest of the collection I’ll probably be placing another order tonight (A.K.A. Medusa, Poinsettia, Christmas Cookies, and Human Nature here I come)!

Lip Ammo

I had never bought one of these before but again, when I saw Champagne Tears, I knew I had to have it. Do you see a theme here? Glitter gets me every time.


This is a sheer silver glitter that can either be worn on its own or as a lipstick topper.

I will say that pictures definitely do not do this color justice and that although the formula is definitely more on the dry side, I am so happy to have gotten my hands on it!

Highlighting Pro Palettes

And last, but not least, is the Platinum Ice Pro Palette. I opted out of the 24 Karat palette because I’m a pale girl and I just thought that all of that gold really wouldn’t suit me. Plus I really liked that the Platinum Ice palette contained both wearable shades (Ice Cold) and more out there shades (Alien Ice).

So let’s quick go through all of the colors individually.

On the top row from left to right, there is Ice Cold which is a true white highlighter, then Glacier, a silver, and Lavender Snow, a purple/silver hybrid.

On the bottom row from left to right again, there is Alien Ice (yes, this is me in a highlighter) which is a white, icy, lime green, Pink Chill which is a pinky duo chrome, and finally Canary Bling, which is a white, silver, yellow.


Both Ice Cold and Lavender Snow are shades that Jeffree sells individually but the rest are all new and they are all so. freaking. beautiful.

The formula is beyond creamy and so easy to work with. There is little fall out and the color pay-off is blinding which is what I love so much about Jeffree’s skin frosts.

Jeffree mentioned the formula of Pink Chill being more of a topper/natural finish, but I think that it is just as wonderful as all of the other shades. It is buildable and the color is absolutely stunning when on the skin. I love the pink hue it casts and having this shade fills the void that I have from never getting his skin frost Neffree.

Of course my favorite shade is Alien Ice. I’ve never seen anything like it and for those of you who might think it is intimidating, I’m here to let you know that it is actually very wearable.

Needless to say, I’m totally obsessed with this palette.

So final thoughts?

Jeffree’s brand is top-notch for me. It is so affordable and the products you are receiving are very high quality. The formula of his liquid lipsticks and skin frosts are unparalleled and I love that he seems to have so much fun with his line from creating crazy colors down to the cartons itself.

He really went above and beyond with this collection for me and I’ve been so excited about it ever since the reveal (:

Like I said earlier, I will definitely be placing another order soon to snag some more lipsticks and if you are still looking for a Christmas present for your make-up loving friend, this is a great idea!

What do you guys think? Have you played with any of the products from the Holiday Collection? And if so, what is your favorite(s)?


Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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