OOTD: 3 Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope you are all finding yourself happy and healthy on this hump day! Today on the blog I wanted to share three dresses I styled for a cute Valentine’s Day pick me up. In case you didn’t know.. I actually LOVE Valentine’s (hence the early holiday post)! I just wanted to give you all some inspo for whether you’re just trying to look like you have your life together during the day or need some day to date night inspiration. Either way, I think these outfits will work for you! And that being said, let’s just get right on into it!

Up first is this classic (but edgy) red and black combo! It doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day fanatic when you pair it with a cool jacket, but could easily transition into a more feminine night time outfit without it.

I paired it with a cute pair of boots but it could really go with anything! Heel? Flats? Sneakers? You name it! And that’s something I love so much about this one. It’s just so versatile (:

Unfortunately I can’t say much for the outfit details, but the dress is one I bought forever ago from American Apparel, the shoes are from ASOS, and the jacket is from Express! All very affordable options that will keep for months if not years!


Next up is kind of what I like to refer to as the ‘Cool girl celebrates V-day’ look (: Like she doesn’t care about the mush and gush, but also totally does. It’s like she asked herself the question: ‘How can I indulge my guilty pleasure but still keep up my street cred?’. Haha, I’m joking of course but that’s how I picture it going down.

I love the crushed velvet and that the color is much deeper than a traditional cherry red or a bubblegum pink.

Of course you can also make this more feminine with a pair of black tights and some peep-toed heels, but I love pairing this dress with platforms. I think it really drives home the edgy vibe and whether you’re going out with friends or your S.O., everyone knows you’re a force to be reckoned with!

Again, these were items I’ve purchased quite awhile ago so the exact thing isn’t out there, but the dress is from Forever 21 and my boots are from H&M (both a total steal, seriously this outfit was probably less than $50. Bless.)!


And last (but obviously not least) is a lighter take on Valentine’s Day.

I seriously am obsessed with this one. The dress is super feminine and paired with the pink jacket, still manages to feel delicate. I think the jacket adds a really nice element. It doesn’t overpower the look or make you look tough, but actually brings to light a softer side.

I love that this is a look you can pair with sneakers too because although you could totally rock this on a night out, it brings a casual-ness to the outfit and is something I could totally see myself rushing off to class in!

Again, the dress was from American Apparel, the jacket is from ASOS, and the shoes are my tried and true Vans (seriously, you’ll see these in everything I wear) (:


And that’s the end of the show! A short one this week, I know.

I really hope you enjoyed this super short and sweet little Valentine’s themed OOTD! Like I said, I really enjoy this holiday and wanted to put together a few (kind of stereotypical) looks!

What are you planning to rock this February? Let me know what you think of these looks in the comments below and..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

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