An Anti-Valentine’s Guide to Fashion

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

On this week’s edition of ‘Valentine’s Obsessed’ posts I’ll be sharing with you all some looks you can wear if you aren’t totally into the season, but also low-key still want to acknowledge that February is still a thing.

I think you can find a look in here for anyone, whether you have a S.O. or not. There is casual, cool, and chic all bundled into one here! And to be totally honest, you will definitely see me rocking the leggings and sweater look to bed on more than one occasion this month!

So enough of the chit chat.. let’s get into it!

Look #1 — My Date is Me, My Couch, and an XL Delivered Pizza


I love that this is an outfit you can wear anywhere (except maybe not somewhere you have to be majorly decked out for). But seriously, you can run to the store, to class, to bed, to the gym, ANYTHING in this look! Is it the most chic thing in the world?? No. But it’s cute, snuggly, and also serving major truth… In other words? Pizza, always.


I also love that this is a look that you can make your own with so many different types of shoes. Obviously here I paired it with some Dr. Martens and some cabin socks, but it would work with sneakers or Uggs too! And yes, I did just say Uggs.. I know they’re total space shoes but I can’t deny their convenience sometimes!


My sweater is from Wildfox (seriously, it’s my favorite thing ever) and is an XS.. it’s totally huge though so maybe keep that in mind if looking for one for yourself! And my leggings are Lululemon (: I would definitely recommend!

Look #2 — In Your Dreams


This is another outfit that is serving truth but also in a cool girl way. I love that the jumper is baby pink and has a peplum, but then is contrasted by the text saying something a little more edgy. I think that it’s really cool paired with black ripped jeans and the pink shoes really tie the whole look together!

This is another one that you can pretty much wear any time. It’s like you really put minimal effort into your look but still look put together!


My jumper is from a UK company called Lazy Oaf. They are seriously so unique and cool, and if you have never heard of them or checked out what they have to offer, I would DEFINITELY recommend doing so! Their sizes tend to run big, but for the price and individuality this brand is a must!

My jeans are from Topshop and my shoes are Adidas, both of which are staples whether in the month of February or not (:

Look #3 — Burgundy


This is for the girls out there that just live for a skirt/dress moment. I love that this is a super cute, but simple outfit and it’s versatile in so many ways! You can add tights, boots, sneakers, heels, etc. and make it a totally new/spiced up look!

The colors in this one aren’t ‘In Your Face’ Valentine’s, but still stay true to the reds and whites of the season (:

It’s a very crisp, classic, and wonderful outfit idea that you could wear seriously all. day. long. It’s THAT comfy!


Both the sweater and skirt are from American Apparel (my tried and true), and my shoes are my classic white vans (which spoiler alert, are not white anymore).

And that concludes this week’s ‘Anti (but still kind of pro) Valentine’s Day Lookbook’! Again, these are all looks I can see myself wearing all month long! And the best part about all of them is that they can easily transition into something totally different just by switching out a piece or two!

What did you guys think about another one of these short little outfit posts? I love getting to show off things from my closet and give some inspiration to others as well! Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week (and if you’re on the East coast, are maybe enjoying a snow day too!)!

Next week I have something special planned and it MIGHT involve some Fifty Shades.. but until then,

xx.Britani Skye


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