My Top 5 Style Influencers

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room.. I’ve been MIA for like a month, I know. I’m sorry because obviously that is never my intention, but sometimes ‘real world’ responsibilities creep up on you and a break is suddenly in the forecast. BUT we are back and better than ever (hopefully), so let’s get right into this post!

Okay so for those of you that know me, know that I really love some good fashion inspo. and that is pretty much what I’m picking up from these 5 ladies! So today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite influencers and why I think they’re style is 100%!

1. Arielle Charnas from ‘Something Navy’

This one should NOT come as a surprise to many of you. I’ve been following Arielle since I was in high school. For a quick frame of reference, I’m a junior in college now, so at the very least, four years. I’ve even gotten the chance to meet her and spoiler, she’s nothing but sweet, wonderful, and everything in between. But okay, enough gushing..

What I love most about Arielle is that her style is so classic. She keeps her daily outfits simple combining skinnies, a sweater, a blazer/jacket, and a killer pair of shoes and then struts her stuff all over the greatest city in the world (NYC). I think it manages to be youthful but mature, effortless and so chic all at the same time!

And one thing that I think she’s taught me over the years is to love your shoes. She has quite the collection and although I might not be buying Christian Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choos (yet, anyways), I’ve expanded my options quite a bit.

I think there is so much coming from her in the future and I can’t wait to continue following her journey. If you aren’t following her, do yourself a favor and start. Adorable pictures of her daughter, Ruby, included (:

Instagram, Blog

2. Kristin Johns

I’m a new follower of Kristin’s, and I truly adore her and her style. She brings something different to my style inspo than anyone else on the list. It’s more feminine and flow-y and there is a softness that comes along that I kind of love.

She’s very inspired by unique, thrifted pieces as well as higher end options from Anthropologie or Free People. Her vibe gives me carefree and youthful and although I’m only 21, sometimes I still feel way old, so holding onto as much of that youth is totally up my alley now-a-days.

Honestly, ever since watching her YouTube videos, I’ve been scouring ThredUp and ASOS for new pieces (specifically dresses) that I can add to my wardrobe. It’s been fun and refreshing to feel inspired again after a long winter!

Bonus Jonas: This is kind of irrelevant but she has two golden retrievers, Camper and Honey, and if that’s incentive enough for me to check her out, y’all should too! (:

Instagram, YouTube

3. Lauren Elizabeth

This is another girl I discovered through YouTube and have been following for quite some time now.

Her style is very very chic, and dare I say trendy? Yet at the same time, she’s taught me to invest in quality over quantity, because it is the staple pieces in your wardrobe that are going to go the furthest. She’s also taught me to embrace a good leopard print piece, which I never in a million years thought I would ever be saying, but here we are.

I find that she’s always trying something new and usually is really ahead of the times which I love because sometimes I feel like I’m getting a little sneak peek into what the future of fashion is going to hold.

Not only that, but her approach to a simple, but contoured, make up look is something I’ve been living for since again, my high school days.

She’s another gem, 10/10 WOULD recommend (:

Instagram, YouTube

4. Zoella

Up next, our THIRD YouTuber of the day.

Something that Zoe adds to the mix is a quirkiness that I don’t get from any one else. She has a very vintage/90s inspired style that is somehow modernized and ALWAYS super cute! She can rock polka dots and colored pants for days and I seriously adore it. She also has a very distinct style and that consistency is something I definitely appreciate.

I love that she shows how to really mix and match things you might not expect, and that she also shows clothing that may have been originally thought as ‘ugly,’ totally transformed into the exact opposite.

Be on the lookout, I know she can rock a pretty adorable ASOS outfit, only giving me MORE of a reason to constantly be checking the ‘New In’ section. If you haven’t already, check her out (:

Instagram, YouTube

5. Kim Kardashian West

Last, but CERTAINLY, not least.. My hero, Kimmy K.

Kim is my favorite Kardashian and I live every day for the West family. Seriously, North is already so fashionable that she could have even made this list.

I truly feel that ever since being with Kanye, Kim has elevated her style to an entirely new level. It’s so modern, fresh, and for lack of a better word.. COOL. Yes, it’s sometimes simple and the colors are dull but it’s a look and I’ll practically fight anyone who says otherwise.

She rocks anything from basics to bedazzled and I am seriously so excited to see what else she can bring to the table next.

No matter where she goes, she’s killing it and has definitely taught me that even if you’re just stopping off at a random gas station for gummy bears, you can still do it with high fashion. *Hair flip necessary*


And that concludes this short and sweet style inspired blog post! I have so many influencers that I look up to, but these are some of the ones that came to mind first. If y’all liked this type of post, I would love to do more in the future so let me know in the comments below! I’m happy to be back and I really want to give you all the best content (:

Who are some of your every day style icons? What kind of fashion makes you excited? Let me know your thoughts!


Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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