Trend Time: Prints & Pants

Okay so who’s excited for some fall/back-to-school inspired fashion?? Because if it isn’t you, then you’re probably at the wrong place.. or maybe the right place because you’re about to be given the 411.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress for. It’s seriously the perfect weather and you have a plethora of textiles right at your disposal to throw together the perfect ‘cool girl’ outfit. I mean, jacket/jean/sneaker combo come through, right? This season, I want to share with you all some of my favorite fashion trends that I think are going to really take off and right on time for these cooler months!

This week let’s talk about prints! And not just any prints of course, but the holy grail: gingham, leopard, and vertical stripes.

Let’s start out with my favorite.. leopard/cheetah print and hear me out. I know this is probably borderline tacky to some of you and to be totally fair? It definitely can go that way depending on how you wear it. But let’s pinky promise ourselves that we’re going to invest in quality over quantity and you’re set. Believe it or not, I think this print is mature, chic, and fun all at the same time! With a black or white tee and a leather jacket or ankle bootie, how can you go wrong?



If you think of a red picnic blanket when you think of gingham, you’re not alone, so do I. But for this let’s all channel navy and white and we’ve got ourselves another hit and a half! Keep these at max ankle length or even with a little bit of a flare and it’s seriously just a harmonious fashion marriage you’ll never truly get over. I love that with this you can pull color in elsewhere. Like, hello mustard yellow, we see you just waiting to be brought to the party with a cute shoe or basic tee, and yes, you totally ARE invited.



Okay so I know stripes are certainly NOT revolutionary, but when you’re pairing all kinds of crazy colored vertical stripes of varying colors on a pair of pants, you’ve got yourself a hit. And I’m also not talking about pants with just like a couple stripes on the sides (who else is over these?? I am.), I’m talking allllll over. Like, full saturation yanno?



Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.09.16 PM


What do you guys think? Are you into this trend or totally on another wavelength? I’m definitely head over heels in love. You’ll be sure to see me rocking an ankle length print over the next few months and I’m not sorry about it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! (:


Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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