Wannabe Vlogger vs. Disney World 2018

We’ve made it through yet ANOTHER week! And is it just me or are we already burning through September? I mean, I know it’s still pretty early but you get what I’m saying, right?

This week on the blog, I wanted to take a little break from the ‘norm’ and share a video I put together of a trip I got to take back in May to Disney World!

If you know me, you’ll know this was pretty much the highlight of my summer and I bought a GoPro specifically for this vacation to ‘capture the moment’. Needless to say, I think I need some more practice.. I have tons of unusable, SHAKY, footage but I’m not a quitter, right?

So enjoy a subpar compilation video and channel those Disney magic vibes! And don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Disney and what some of your favorite experiences were!

Also, let me know if you’d like more blog posts on Disney? I want to take you all along the process I go through as I consider applying for their college program (shout out to the Biotechnology lab @ Epcot) and also I’d love to just give y’all the inside scoop on things like which character greetings are the most fun or what my experiences at some of the various dining places around the parks has been like!


Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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