2018: A Year in Review

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Last year, I wrapped up the best and worst of 2017 in a blog post and got ready to begin the new year with a clean slate. It was so fun to look back on all of the things you forget happened just within the past year, so I wanted to do that again! Get ready because this will be a long one, so let’s get right into it!


I always have to start with these just to get them out of the way. Luckily, there normally aren’t too many of them!

1.Mold and Master’s Classes

I talked about these briefly in my last blog post. Anyone living in an apartment was put in to different housing for about two weeks at the beginning of the semester. I think I handled it pretty well but there were some people who looked like they were about to riot. It was then that I began my first semester of classes with Drexel.. uhm, bad timing much? But what even is good timing, right? So, I’ll pretty much leave it at Fall 18 was a VERY off semester.

2. Missing NYC DragCon

I was so fortunate to get to go to DragCon in NYC in 2017. It was so much fun but my only regret is that I spent 90% of my day trying to meet Jeffree Star. Although it was definitely worth it, there were a lot of queens that I feel like I missed out on and I really wanted to make up for that this year. Unfortunately the dates of DragCon did NOT align with my schedule and I missed it. The world moves on, but I’m still a little low-key bummed about it. Hopefully in 2019 though!

3. Gymshark Black Friday Sale

Okay so I feel like within the past year, Gymshark has really taken off. I was so excited because they were doing a really bomb.com Black Friday sale (seriously, like $12 leggings) but because everyone else was so pumped for the sale there were so many glitches with the website and so much traffic that I managed NOTHING from the sale. I mean, I definitely saved some major coin so that’s a positive but STILL, y’all know what I mean. (:

And that concludes the worsts of 2018! Phew, we made it. And now we can get into all the good stuff!



1. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Okay so listen, I have hyperhydrosis. My hands, feet, and armpits are sweaty what feels like 24/7 so I never in a million years thought natural deodorant would be in the cards for me. Enter Schmidt’s. I swear my armpits smile when I put it on and I feel so good about using a product free of aluminum. Basically the gist of the story is, if it works for me.. it’ll DEFINITELY work for you. No stink guarantee (:

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

This shook the world in early 2018 and sold out in less than 10 minutes. The real question is, what it worth all of the hype it got? Yes, it definitely was. I love that Jeffree is always pushing boundaries and coming out with innovative designs that never compromise quality. I feel like this palette was really on to something and set the stage for that grungy smoked out red/pink eye looks we were getting a lot in 2018. All in all, it was obviously a 10/10 for me (:

3. James Charles’ x Morphe Unleash Your Inner Artist Palette

This is unprecedented. I really don’t ever do eye makeup so the fact that I have not one, but TWO palettes in the best of makeup is kind of wild. That being said, how could I not include this palette? I really feel like James created something that you can buy (for a mega affordable price, like hello? 39 shades for $39!), use forever, and get so many different looks out of. Obviously that was exactly what he was going for and he totally achieved it!

4. Jelly Masks

In 2018, I became a really massive fan of jelly masks. One in particular that I think is a must have is the First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Ginger and Tumeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask. It smells delicious, is majorly refreshing, and just soaks right into the skin. Whenever I use it, I imagine it as a superfood for my face and I really love that.


1. A Court of Thorns and Roses

This summer, I was a big reader and one of the series that I read was ACOTAR. I never thought a book series revolving around faeries could capture my attention so whole-heartedly but I just couldn’t get enough. I mean Rhysand, am I right?


Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t think that 2018 was really a big year for me with music. There weren’t really any albums that came out that I was majorly jazzed about, but that being said, I still want to share with you some of my most played 2018 jams. I like to think I have like, the best taste in music so you can thank me later (:

  1. Girl Crush – Harry Styles
  2. La La Land – Jax
  3. Fallin’ All in You – Shawn Mendes
  4. Xylophone – Guard
  5. Ye vs. the People – Kanye West
  6. Middle Finger – Phoebe Ryan, Quinn XCII
  7. Green (Secret Songbook Sessions) – Ivory Layne
  8. make you feel pretty – lovelytheband
  9. Blood // Water – grandson
  10. Thief – Ansel Elgort


If you haven’t checked them out already, I would recommend looking at my Trend Alert posts. Things that I think took the fashion world by storm this year include bike shorts, plaid, leopard print, and chunky sneakers (dad shoes??). I enjoy each of these trends for a variety of reasons but what I want to emphasize is that they are just trends. In a few months, Zaras across the world will be selling something totally different and we’ll be on the next fast-fashion train. I’m a big advocate for quality over quantity and that’s all I really need to say about that.

1.Something Navy the Brand

Despite what I would like to call a few rocky launches, my favorite fashion blogger, Arielle Charnas, released her own line in collaboration with Nordstrom this year. Although some of the prices are a little wack ($60 for a thin turtle neck??) some of the pieces are worth snagging. My personal favorite being this quilted velvet jacket is a 10/10 and a piece I can imagine me having for a long time to come.

Something Navy Quilted Velvet Jacket

**Bonus Jonas for you guys, it’s even on sale!**


1.Seeing Harry not once… but TWICE.

My mom is the best and she got me tickets to see Harry at Madison Square Garden for Christmas so I knew for quite a while that that was happening. That being said, around April I got it into my head that I needed to see him at another concert and when I managed to find tickets for like $50 each (good seats too) I couldn’t resist. So I got to see him in Philly too and I couldn’t of been happier. Actually.. maybe I could’ve but only if he wore color those nights instead of monochrome.

H at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia
One of my best friends, Sabrina, and I at the concert
H at Madison Square Garden (Night I) in New York City

I’ll also mention that I saw Niall as well over Labor Day! It’s hard keeping up with them individually but man I can’t wait for them to release more new music.

My mom and I getting ready to see Niall (:
Niall at the Allentown Fair

2. ALL the Broadway!

This was one good year for me and Broadway. I saw Dear Evan Hansen, both Part I and Part II of the Cursed Child, Hamilton, Kinky Boots, and Head Over Heels.

Broadway is something I hold so near and dear to my heart. The music is always so fun and in combination with dancing, I just can never get enough. It makes me happy that I got to experience these plays with two of my favorite people, my mom and boyfriend and it makes me even happier to see more shows with them in the future.

3. Disney!!

Again, my mom, boyfriend, and I spent a very magical week in Disney World this past May. Ever since going on my 16th birthday, I’ve had such an obsession with Disney World. There is so much going on behind the scenes that we could never even imagine to really make all of the magic possible. I find that there just really is not another place like it and it was even more special because I got to experience the new Fantasyland and Pandora for the first time!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

We also got to spend a day at Universal as well and see Diagon Alley. Now THAT was an adventure right down to the Hogwarts Express that picks you up from Hogsmeade. Just thinking about all of it makes me want to hop on a plane and go all over again.

4. Scoring a high five from Jimmy Fallon

My mom and I went up to NYC over the summer to see a taping of The Tonight Show. At the end of the show, Jimmy goes around the aisle and gives everyone a high five who is on the edge. Even though my mom and I somehow managed to be in the last row of the studio, it was totally worth it.

5. Jamaica

During my 2018 spring break, I went on a mission trip to Harmons, Jamaica. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was nervous because I didn’t really know who would be along for the trip. That being said, it all turned out to be a really special and life-changing experience.

Jennifer and I at the infirmary

For a week, I helped out with various assignments but most importantly made connections with the people of Harmons. I also ate delicious food that I won’t soon forget and will probably never be able to recreate on my own. Despite my anxiety when sleeping about cockroaches, I genuinely cannot wait until I get the opportunity to go back again and make even more memories.

Working on one of the houses we built over the week
Got my hair braided and took a hike up (what felt like) a ginormous mountain to meet Stick Man

6. Valentine’s Day at Bube’s Brewery

I wrote an entire blog post about my Valentine’s Day with Seth but one of the things we did was go out to eat at Bube’s Brewery. It was so nice and we had dinner in the catacombs and finished the night with an escape room. I just remember it being a special weekend that I didn’t expect at all so it sticks in my head still into December.

Also, speaking of escape rooms, it was in 2018 that I started to do them and they quickly became one of my favorite things like, ever. We’ve done a Willy Wonka themed one, a prohibition themed one, an Egyptian tomb one, and a mine!

7. Getting a sprinkle cake on my birthday

For my birthday this year I really just wanted to spend the day in NYC. Madison Square Eats was going on so Seth and I got to have plenty of food but the sprinkle cake we got at the Flour Shop was the cherry on top of the day. I got a mini unicorn cake that spewed rainbow sprinkles after it was cut and not only was it pretty, it was also delicious. If you like cream cheese icing, this would DEFINITELY be for you!

Not only did I have my sprinkle cake, but my mom made me one too that was equally as good. If you can’t tell, sweets are kind of the way to my heart.

8. Getting my lazy butt to the gym

I never thought I’d see the day.. but you have yourself a girl that goes to the gym here. I started to dip my toes in the water in the beginning of the year but only got more serious (kind of) about it in the summer.

Unfortunately, I find myself not being as active as I was in high school. I don’t walk or even stand around as much as I used to so I’ve tried to compensate where I can. I wish I had more time to go during the school year, but normally my schedule is always getting filled and taking precedence.

If for some reason you feel the gym-timidation, try your best to put it aside and go anyways. It helps to start with a friend and once you’ve developed a routine, you’ll find going always makes you feel better.

I know that I did this post a little different than last years, but I hope you still liked it! I wanted to get a little more personal and share with you all the amazing things I got to do just within the past 365 days. What are some of your bests and worsts of 2018? Let me know in the comments below (:


Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye

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