Happy Thursday Y’all! Long time, no see. I always think it’s funny to look back at my blog throughout the semesters because it becomes apparent when it all gets just a little too much.. a MIA Britani is a Britani not focused on the blog *womp womp*

That being said, I wanted to grace you all with a little throwback playlist just like I promised. This came into existence during my spring break. At home, I took a little trip down memory lane and went through tons of pictures, videos, and playlists. I was reminded of so many happy memories and I came up with a few songs that I think might bring back some nostalgia for all of you too. If not, then I hope you hear something new that you like and let’s get right on into it!

1. Up and Away – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (feat. June)

Okay we had to start with a banger, right? Or at least that’s what I would define this song as. This is basically the song that inspired this post. After hearing this I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face–I seriously was so gassed up.

2. Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

What does hearing the intro of this song immediately bring back? For me it was the release of Warm Bodies and my brief (but still strong) obsession with zombie love stories.

3. Like We Used To – A Rocket to the Moon

This one is majorly nostalgic and just as good as I remembered.

4. I’m Ready – AJR

Please tell me I’m not the only person who was so into this jam? A cameo from Spongebob is always welcome when it comes to my taste in music.

5. Trouble – Never Shout Never

Another majorly nostalgic tune. I recently took up the ukulele and I’m high-key inspired to put my basically non-existent skills to the test.

6. Man I Think I Love Her – Stereo Skyline

This is one of my favorites to blast in the car and force my boyfriend to listen to. I’m pretty sure I drive him crazy but man do I think I love him and I like to believe he feels the same (:

7. If I Had You – Adam Lambert

Okay think of like a middle school aged Britani stomping around her bedroom pretending to be a total BA while this blasts in the background. I still get those vibes when I listen to this song today.. it’s magical.

8. Louder than Words – HeyHiHello

This one is just so stinking catchy. It’s also very happy to me and I hope you can get that too.

9. Miserable at Best – Mayday Parade

Oh geez. So now picture the same middle school aged Britani pretending to have faced every hardship in life. That’s the kind of drama I channeled when belting out this song. To this day, I periodically throw this song on and just listen. So. Good.

10. I’m Awesome – Spose

This is a song I remember listening to every day on my little MP3 player. I would get on the bus in the morning and again after school and immediately resort to this song. It’s dumb and pointless but always brings back good memories.

11. Check Yes, Juliet – We the Kings

I had such an obsession with We the Kings and this song started it all.

12. New Soul – Yael Naim & David Donatien

I used to dream of choreographing to this song. Obviously that never happened and maybe it’s not too late. Regardless, it’s such a light and fun song that I honestly totally forgot about.


13. Yes – LMFAO

My cousin and I would watch this one YouTube video of a guy doing ASL to this song. We would try so hard to imitate all of the movements and gushed about how cute we thought the guy was. It’s funny to think about how far we’ve come but it doesn’t change how much I actually do like this song (:

14. Kiss it Better – He is We

I always feel sad when I listen to this song but I do it anyways because I find it so beautiful.

15. Teenagers – My Chemical Romance

It was hard for me to just pick one song from My Chemical Romance. They were basically my band before One Direction happened.. I know, what happened to me?

I hope you got to take a little trip down memory lane with me! These are just 15 out of many that I decided to share but I have plenty more if y’all would ever want a sequel.

What are some songs you listened to that I didn’t list? Did you listen to one (or a few) of these songs or was I just a total weirdo? Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time,

Xx.Britani Skye


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