How Mercury Retrograde Ruined March

Happy Thursday Y’all

Do you ever have weeks on end that are just the epitome of what it must feel like to spiral into an abyss? Weeks that make you stop and think, “What the actual heck is going on?” And then you realize it’s Mercury Retrograde and everything all of a sudden makes sense.. Or at least that’s kind of how it happens for me.

Lucky for us, this month’s Mercury Retrograde is officially over as of tomorrow and life can hopefully go on as normal. And for all of your entertainment, I’m going to recap some of my worst moments this month had to offer me.

Spring Break but NOT

This was my last opportunity to have a spring break but considering I take Master’s courses at a different university than I take undergrad courses, it was basically a lost cause.

Despite the negatives (not getting to just relax like every one else) I am very lucky to have been able to take all of my classes from home that week. Who knew Zoom could become a girl’s best friend?

Actually Bombing Every Exam/Quiz

I seriously don’t know what is up with this. Thank GOD I started the semester off really strong so I’m not worried but I kid you not, I bombed like every single quiz/exam over the past 3 weeks that I’ve taken.

I think this might be a side effect of just having actually no time, but for now, let’s blame it on Mercury and I’ll have to keep y’all updated.


Okay, so in theory there isn’t really much wrong with research. I got the results I wanted but timing was NOT ideal. I do these protocols calledĀ In situ hybridizations. They aren’t the worst thing in the world but they aren’t great for me considering my beyond hard to work with schedule. Luckily, I have really great classmates who help with that and also a super awesome advisor but it was still a major source of stress this month.

I had to wrap up some loose ends and throw together a poster within the span of a week because there was a Tri-beta conference my college was attending. Cue the spike in anxiety because y’all know presenting (even if it was just a poster) has me nervous sweating in like -5 seconds flat.

Stains on my White Vans

I think I have an identity crisis when I’m not wearing them so this is 100% my fault but over the past month they have developed these yellowish stains around the top of the rubber soles. I can feel my mom rolling her eyes now considering these are pretty much brand new but I just can’t help it. They go with everything!

Spending Habits

Honestly I feel like this semester in general has just been 10X more expensive for a multitude of reasons than last semester so I’m on the struggle bus when it comes to saving. Something I actually got okay-ish at doing this past year. That being said March specifically has not been my friend. I think every time I get paid it gets swiped by some purchase I’ve made. Either way it’s totally okay, you live, you learn.

Lack of Self-care

Totally not okay, but true. This month, I’ve been stretch thin in so many ways and my daily habits I do to pick myself up again all went down the drain. Most notably would probably be that I took almost an entire month off from going to the gym–something I told myself I wouldn’t be doing this semester.

I’m happy to report I’ve gone to the gym three days in a row this week and can’t wait to continue to build up all of that progress again.

Relationships and Future ‘Stuff’

This month some big decisions started to move to the forefront of my brain. Where do I plan on working after graduation, where do I even plan on living, how might this affect all of the friendships and relationships in my life right now? Who really knows? But I can tell you it’s been high-key overwhelming.

Not only can I attest to this strange feeling growing in strength over the past few weeks but I know a few people I am close with can as well. All I know is that no matter what happens, I have a bucket list of fun things I can’t wait to do over the next few months and nothing can bring that happiness down.

I feel like in general this post was vague. I’m not a big fan of openly complaining (especially on the interwebs) and I don’t want to air every one’s dirty laundry on a blog they probably didn’t consent to. Either way, I hope you can take from this that no one’s life is perfect despite what it might look like on the outside.

Can any of you relate to these funks? Do you think it’s Mercury Retrograde or is that all totally made up and just coincidence? Maybe I’ll say it’s some of both (:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.33.17 PM

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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