10 Thoughts I Had During My First Week at a New Job

Happy Saturday Everyone!

If you didn’t know, I started my first ever full time job. It’s super weird and crazy and believe it or not, I’m already 2 weeks in! Originally, I wanted to do a post about how fast time was flying and the thoughts I had going in to the first day, but as I’m sure you’ve guessed, time just gets away from me which leads us to where we are today.. THIS blog post idea instead.

Throughout the first week, there are tons of things flying through your head, or at the very least, there were for me. I thought it could be fun to highlight some of the best ones for you here. And so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Oh geez.. this is REALLY happening.

Okay so not only am I really setting an alarm for 5:45am indefinitely but like this is all starting so quick. I got the job offer back in April and when I set the start date, it seemed like plenty of time. In hindsight, maybe that wasn’t my best decision–enjoying a summer off would have definitely been nice; however, I can’t (and don’t really want to) change anything so I just have to make the best of it.

2. Why am I so calm?

In general, I’m a very nervous person. A lot of people would probably never guess that because I like to think I’m friendly and talkative when spoken to.. that being said situations where I’m completely out of my element seem to always have me internally panicking. I was surprised to be thinking this thought multiple times as the week went on and even still as I continue my training. It felt almost natural to come to work and there was no pressure to be anybody but myself because everyone else is also in the same boat. It’s been refreshing and one of my many reliefs.

3. Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave

Despite my previous thought acknowledging how calm I was feeling, I still wondered if I would make any friends and how quickly (or not) that would happen. I think I basically went in with the Madagascar penguins at the forefront of my brain.

4. Who knew ranch dressing could taste so good?

The first two days, the company provided us lunch during training. On both days they had a side salad with different dressings you could choose from. I’m not sure, maybe this is just a theory, but WHY do salads always taste so much better when someone else makes them? And the ranch? Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started.. it was on a whole other level.

4. Wearing a lab coat makes me feel like I’m about to mix up my own personal Powerpuff Girl.

Seriously. Nothing is more legit than putting on a white lab coat. Smack on some safety glasses, hold a few beakers, start to pour, and you’re really feeling like you could cook up something out of your favorite childhood cartoon. Not to mention, I look at all the other trainees and try to figure out who looks the most like Professor Utonium himself.. I have a few theories to say the least (:

5. Error codes will be my demise

Okay obviously I cannot speak for any other lab; however, I am learning that the company I work for is particularly specific about how they carry out science, ESPECIALLY lab notebooks. Listen, it makes total sense so I’m not even mad about it–like you can’t be not keeping an accurate lab notebook in any world, ever BUT I literally hate hate hate error coding.

For those of you that might not know what I’m talking about, basically labs require you document all methods that you’ve done etc. in a lab notebook. This documentation happens in pen, so obviously it’s not erasable. At my company we can’t scribble anything out, it has to always be one, straight, horizontal line through what we don’t want anymore followed by a specific error code (for example a 1 for spelling error), our initials, and date. This isn’t really that big of a deal but it drives me crazy because I feel like it makes everything look wild, messy, and cluttered. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

6. I need to go to Target and get Uncrustables. 

Like I mentioned, the first two days had lunch provided. Then we could either pack or buy our lunch from the cafeteria. I obviously chose to pack and the first thing on my mind was how can I make this as reminiscent of my high school lunches as possible? Clearly, the only sensible answer is Uncrustables.

7. I can’t wait to go home to my couch

Although training is amazing and my time as thus far went mostly smooth, the days can sometimes be long and all I can think about are the YouTube videos I want to catch up on while curled up on the couch. This is also a shameless plug for my weird obsession with my couch. For those of you that don’t know. I recently got the couch of my dreams–a grey, sectional complemented with lots of pink throw pillows. It’s basically my new happy place.

8. Can I get away with posting to my Instagram right now?

I’m really the worst at texting, but you won’t find me sleeping on Instagram. On one of the days I had training, there was a little bit of a break. It was still the first week so I wasn’t entirely sure how it would look if I pulled my phone out, but I couldn’t help thinking of some of the pictures I wanted to post. A total itch you can’t scratch moment. For anybody wondering, I could indeed get away with posting to my Instagram.

9. I’m SO glad I don’t have homework to worry about after this.

Trust me, come August when my classes start up again with Drexel, this thought will have to get thrown out the window. For now, let’s just say I’m extremely thankful to spend 8 hours getting what needs to be done, done and still having my nights and weekends to myself. That means more blog post writing AND more book reading for me. It’s really a win-win on all angles.

10. This week went by quick!

Granted, my first day was a Tuesday because of the Memorial Day holiday; however, the week really did fly by. Not to mention, any worry I had was put to rest within the first 24 hours. The training in thorough (almost excessively so), the people are great, and I’m excited to see where this opportunity continues to lead me. Now, if anyone has any apartment complex recommendations that allow cutie golden retrievers, let me know–this will be my newest priority as I continue to settle into Lancaster.

The take home? Becoming a working girl is weird but I can’t express how fortunate I feel, especially after talking to some of the new hires who had been putting out 50+ applications for months. I hope you’re all having a fabulous start to the summer and I’m excited to continue writing as the weeks continue! Do you have any plans for the summer or will y’all be working girls (and boys) like me? Let me know what you think in the comments below! And..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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