10 Things I Will Miss About College

Happy Saturday y'all, long time--no see! It's time to give my semi-annual 'I've been swamped finishing out the semester' speech (which if you've been following along for awhile, I'm sure you know well already). SO instead of boring you with the same ol' spiel, I'll tell you instead that I'm literally graduating as this post … Continue reading 10 Things I Will Miss About College


Style Inspiration: Graduation Dress Ideas

Happy Thursday Y'all! While I sit and wait for my 5:30 class, thoughts of graduation quickly approaching begin to take over. So instead of dealing with the real life decisions that are coming up, I thought I could use this time to turn towards fashion. If you're like me and have approximately 30 days until … Continue reading Style Inspiration: Graduation Dress Ideas

How Mercury Retrograde Ruined March

Happy Thursday Y'all Do you ever have weeks on end that are just the epitome of what it must feel like to spiral into an abyss? Weeks that make you stop and think, "What the actual heck is going on?" And then you realize it's Mercury Retrograde and everything all of a sudden makes sense.. … Continue reading How Mercury Retrograde Ruined March


Happy Thursday Y'all! Long time, no see. I always think it's funny to look back at my blog throughout the semesters because it becomes apparent when it all gets just a little too much.. a MIA Britani is a Britani not focused on the blog *womp womp* That being said, I wanted to grace you … Continue reading #TTT

Be Mine, Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day!! If you read my last post, you know I'm totally head-over-heels in love with this holiday. I used to be a grinch but something re-inspired me within these past few years and I think it's honestly just so fun. There's something adorably sweet about going into Target and seeing all the Valentine's … Continue reading Be Mine, Valentine.

5 Last Minute V-day Outfit Ideas

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
 One of my favorite months of the year is finally upon us! I love love LOVE Valentine's Day and find it to be the perfect excuse to splurge a little on an outfit that makes you feel good. If you're still looking for the right date night dress, check out these options … Continue reading 5 Last Minute V-day Outfit Ideas

Spring 2019 Semester Goals

Happy Monday All! Although this is my fourth week back into my final semester as an undergrad, I wanted to take some time and share with you all a few of my goals for the next 4-5 months! I know I've mentioned it before, but it's kind of a weird time right now. I'm busy … Continue reading Spring 2019 Semester Goals

Broadway Songs to Get You Through the Semester

Happy Thursday Everyone! I'm both excited and terrified that it's a new year and inevitably a new semester. Entering my final semester as an undergrad is a weird feeling. I'm mostly relieved but always have this nagging/terrified feeling always hanging around in the background. That's probably a topic for another blog post so let's keep … Continue reading Broadway Songs to Get You Through the Semester

2018: A Year in Review

Happy Thursday Everyone! Last year, I wrapped up the best and worst of 2017 in a blog post and got ready to begin the new year with a clean slate. It was so fun to look back on all of the things you forget happened just within the past year, so I wanted to do … Continue reading 2018: A Year in Review

Fall 18 Semester Wrap-Up

Happy Thursday Y'all! Bet you never thought you'd see that phrase again.. I'm so happy to be home for winter break and focused on the blog again. Even though I'm beyond bummed I didn't get to curate some bomb.com holiday gift guides in time for the Christmas season, I still have some really fun winter … Continue reading Fall 18 Semester Wrap-Up