10 Things I Will Miss About College

Happy Saturday y'all, long time--no see! It's time to give my semi-annual 'I've been swamped finishing out the semester' speech (which if you've been following along for awhile, I'm sure you know well already). SO instead of boring you with the same ol' spiel, I'll tell you instead that I'm literally graduating as this post … Continue reading 10 Things I Will Miss About College


Spring 2019 Semester Goals

Happy Monday All! Although this is my fourth week back into my final semester as an undergrad, I wanted to take some time and share with you all a few of my goals for the next 4-5 months! I know I've mentioned it before, but it's kind of a weird time right now. I'm busy … Continue reading Spring 2019 Semester Goals

Broadway Songs to Get You Through the Semester

Happy Thursday Everyone! I'm both excited and terrified that it's a new year and inevitably a new semester. Entering my final semester as an undergrad is a weird feeling. I'm mostly relieved but always have this nagging/terrified feeling always hanging around in the background. That's probably a topic for another blog post so let's keep … Continue reading Broadway Songs to Get You Through the Semester

Fall 18 Semester Wrap-Up

Happy Thursday Y'all! Bet you never thought you'd see that phrase again.. I'm so happy to be home for winter break and focused on the blog again. Even though I'm beyond bummed I didn't get to curate some bomb.com holiday gift guides in time for the Christmas season, I still have some really fun winter … Continue reading Fall 18 Semester Wrap-Up

5 Ways to Focus on Self-care in College

Okay so we all know how crazy college can get and just how overwhelming the stress can be. I mean seriously, one minute you're all caught up and the next you've blinked and have a tsunami of responsibility crashing in on you. With midterms coming up, I wanted to whip out a post highlighting the … Continue reading 5 Ways to Focus on Self-care in College

My Experience with Master’s Classes

This week on the blog, I wanted to get back to our roots. So let's talk something a little more 'conventional' for Manhattan Skye.. school. This year, I got the opportunity to take Master's classes at Drexel University while still completing my undergrad at Elizabethtown College. The advantage? Completing a Master's program in T-minus 1 … Continue reading My Experience with Master’s Classes

6 Ways to Start Saving Money as a College Student

With the back to school season in full force, stress levels rising, and Black Friday a mere few months away, we're about to get real here on the blog today. This week let's talk about one of my least favorite things to think about.. money! As a college student, time is scarce and working crazy … Continue reading 6 Ways to Start Saving Money as a College Student

10 Thoughts of a Rising Senior

As much as I hate to admit it, the start of the semester is already upon us and this year I'm coming back to Elizabethtown College as an undergraduate for the last time. Yes, I'm a senior and I'm just as confused as you are as to how this moment snuck up on me (and … Continue reading 10 Thoughts of a Rising Senior

My Spring 2018 Semester Goals

Happy Wednesday Everyone! As I type I am in full swing back at school. For those of you that are lucky enough to have another week off, enjoy it, and maybe take some of that time to reflect on the past semester. That's what I did which has brought us here today. I thought to … Continue reading My Spring 2018 Semester Goals

5 Confessions of a College Kid: Back to School Thoughts

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I'm sure by now we are all back to school, and if not, it is probably coming very soon on the horizon, and so I just wanted to take a few moments to type out some of my back to school thoughts and be honest with all y'all about some things I … Continue reading 5 Confessions of a College Kid: Back to School Thoughts