Style Inspiration: Graduation Dress Ideas

Happy Thursday Y'all! While I sit and wait for my 5:30 class, thoughts of graduation quickly approaching begin to take over. So instead of dealing with the real life decisions that are coming up, I thought I could use this time to turn towards fashion. If you're like me and have approximately 30 days until … Continue reading Style Inspiration: Graduation Dress Ideas


5 Last Minute V-day Outfit Ideas

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
 One of my favorite months of the year is finally upon us! I love love LOVE Valentine's Day and find it to be the perfect excuse to splurge a little on an outfit that makes you feel good. If you're still looking for the right date night dress, check out these options … Continue reading 5 Last Minute V-day Outfit Ideas

My Top 6 Labor Day Weekend Sales

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you're all getting time to enjoy the holiday and recharge your batteries, and for those of us in college, let's take a hot second to remind ourselves that we've made it through the first few weeks already! Score x 1000! Of course Labor Day is important … Continue reading My Top 6 Labor Day Weekend Sales