5 Last Minute V-day Outfit Ideas

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

One of my favorite months of the year is finally upon us! I love love LOVE Valentine’s Day and find it to be the perfect excuse to splurge a little on an outfit that makes you feel good. If you’re still looking for the right date night dress, check out these options and let me know what you think! I feel like there’s a little something for everyone!

Chic (but mostly fun) Skater Dress


I adore this. It’s red for the most perfect occasion and not in a way that’s in your face. In general I feel like that’s the vibe this dress is giving me. Just enough detail to catch the eye of your S.O. but still fun, flirty, and majorly cute.

The perfect way to complete this look is with simple gold jewelry and a pair of open toed, black, velvet heels. I mean, seriously, can you tell I’m like drooling just thinking about this look?

**Bonus Jonas** Lulu’s has a 20% student discount!!

A Rose by any other Name would Smell as Sweet


Is this not the most gorgeous midi dress you’ve ever seen? The peach background in combination with those roses have me feeling some type of way for sure.

I love that this isn’t a classic cocktail dress (perfect because in the north east it’s still cold in February, ugh). It also has me taking a flashback to high school when we read Romeo and Juliet and no matter how much on an unpopular opinion it may be, I’m falling more in love with this dress because of the classic story.

Pretty in Pink Mini


Another show stopper, right? Like hello, this is going to show off all of those curves (basically non-existent for me, but who really cares when you’re wearing something so stunning omg).

Although this dress is simple, it’s effective. It’s flattering on so many levels and the pink is the most perfect blush. It’s Valentine’s Day but muted in a really good way!

This look would be over the top accented with nudes. I’m talking nude nails, nude pumps, nude accessories, the works. Those details WON’T go unnoticed!

Classic Velvet Jumpsuit


There is nothing better than a jumpsuit, especially one that just works for literally everyone.

Whether you’re anti-V-day or head-over-heels in love this look is for you! The fact that it’s made of velvet makes this the classiest numbers. I love that the thin straps completed with bow accents feminizes this outfit, while the flared out trousers brings an element of masculinity as well.

Honestly, I couldn’t say enough good things about this jumpsuit. The length of the legs is perfect and it could be easily dressed up or down with a jacket or pair of heels. Really, if you want to be the ultimate cool girl, I would recommend this one for you!

Sleek & Trendy Mini


This is just to die for. I love that it’s blue and maybe not something most people would go for stereotypically. I think that’s what makes it so special honestly. That and the undeniable fit and sheen this dress is giving.

I’m also a total sucker for a mock neck and this satisfies that little love in my heart.

I think the ruffle at the bottom of the dress makes takes this elegant number to the next level. It still shows a fun/flirty side and is really just perfect.

Although I like the boots on the model in the picture, I think a pair of knee/thigh-high suede black boots would put this look over the top. The darker, more mysterious, the better!

That about sums up this handful of picks from me for this Valentine’s Day! Like I said, I think it’s a fun excuse to be a little extra and who doesn’t love a little retail therapy, right? My wallet would probably disagree, but good thing it can’t actually talk.

Do you guys love or hate Valentine’s Day? Also what do you think of these outfit ideas? Did they give you any inspiration for the coming holiday or were they all total flops? Let me know in the comments below! And..

Until next time,

xx.Britani Skye


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